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Natural bee honey and bee products from Ukraine

Buy honey from an approved vendor up to 200 tons per month
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Agromania specialists have more than 6 years
of experience in beekeeping!
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of experience in beekeeping!
Order a batch of natural honey or bee products on
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* The minimum batch of honey is 20 tons
Our clients are always satisfied!
There are 4 main reasons for this:
Our clients are always satisfied!
  • Favorable location
    Warehouses of Agromania are located in the west of Ukraine (Lviv), which allows foreign customers to spend less money for products’ transportation.
  • Uncompromising quality control
    Our products have been tested by Laboratory Quality Services International and Intertek Food Services GmbH. They meet the requirements of Ukrainian National Standard 4497: 2005 and have numerous EU certificates such as 2001/110, 396/2005, 852/2004, 1935/2004, and more.
  • Modern equipment and spacious warehouses
    Products are prepared according to the latest technologies. Each package is carefully stored under the right conditions waiting for dispatch.
  • Impeccable reputation
    In business relations Agromania puts agreements first, so our customers can be assured of trade reliability. We have current prices and proven products.
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